Ohh to be young and dumb… my misadventure as a hitchhiking college freshman

While participating in one of the many Facebook tags/notes I was reminded of something dumb I did my freshman year and college. The choice I made that day was beyond idiotic and all I can do is shake my head and laugh at how stupid my actions were that day…

My senior year in high school my dad bought me my first car. It was a 1985 VW  Jetta which me and my friends affectionately referred to as the Jet-Dawg. When I left for college of course the JD went with me. One weekend my BFF Tasha and I decided to go home for the weekend and we invited our new friend Hope to tag along with us.  Somewhere midway between Statesboro and Tifton we had a blow out.  We had no idea how to use the jack that was in my trunk, and no it wasn’t the regular jack that normal people have…. anyway this was before any of us had a cell phone so we decided to walk to the next town so we could call our parents and have them pick us up.  As we begin walking a man driving a tractor trailer pulled up beside us and offered us a ride.  The three of us stood on the side of the rode and contemplated taking the ride from the truck driver and finally I said what the heck so the three of us piled into the cab. Hope sat in back on the bed and Tasha and I squished ourselves together in the front passenger seat.  I remember looking back at Hope and she made a head motion for me to look and we see porn on the floor in front of the bed and both of our eyes getting really wide thinking what the hell have we done??

Luckily for us the truck driver was not a raving lunatic and nothing more than a Good Samaritan willing to help 3 clueless teens.  He dropped us off in the next town , we called our parents and the rest is history.  I will add as a result of this incident I did get my first cell phone.


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